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Stingless Bees in Peru

Aussie Bee Homepage > Video Index > Stingless Bee Video

With slower internet connections, please allow a minute or two for the player to load

Stingless Bees in Peru
by alrunen on YouTube

This video is by a prominent stingless bee scientist, Claus Rasmussen.

It shows a wide variety of nest entrances, brood structures, storage pots and swarms in eleven different stingless bee species found in Peru.

It also shows a fascinating range of hive designs used in Peru for stingless bees and, near the end of the video, honey being extracted from a tiny hive.

The species shown (and the time points in the video where these sequences begin) are:

0.00 -- Melipona eburnea
2.39 -- Melipona grandis
4.31 -- Oxytrigona obscura
5.26 -- Tetragonisca angustula
5.33 -- Ptilotrigona pereneae
5.59 -- Tetragona atahualpa
6.43 -- Scaptotrigona sp n. A
7.33 -- Nannotrigona melanocera
8.10 -- Partamona epiphytophila
8.25 -- Scaura tenuis
9.35 -- Plebeia minima

This fascinating video is over nine minutes long. If you have a slow dial up connection, it may take over an hour to download. However, it is well worth seeing! Why not click on the arrow (in the centre of the video box) to get it started before dinner, then come back to enjoy this unique tour of the stingless bees of Peru!

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