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Blue Banded Bees

Aussie Bee Homepage > Video Index > Blue Banded Bee Videos

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Blue Banded Bees on Melastoma affine
by Erica Siegel

In this attractive video, Erica Siegel of Queensland shows blue banded bees visiting the flowers of Melastoma affine.

For correct pollination, Melastoma affine requires a bee that can perform Buzz Pollination. The bee curls its body around the pollen capsules of the flower (as shown in the video) and vibrates its flight muscles making the pollen shoot out of the capsules. Blue banded bees (Amegilla) are experts at buzz pollination.

The flowers of some horticultural crops such as the tomato and the eggplant also require buzz pollination. Researchers at the University of Adelaide are developing native blue banded bees for the horticultural industry as pollinators of greenhouse tomatoes.